What is reverse dieting?

Since I tagged a few photos with reverse dieting I’ve had a lot of questions about what it is. This is a simple explaination about what it is and how it can help restore metabolism damage.

Anonymous asked:

hi kylie! :-) do you think its better to eat 4-5 smaller meals throughout the day or 3 medium meals for weightloss?

I eat 6 times a day. I have always prefered regular 2 to 3 hourly eating. I just cannot last between 3 meals no matter how much I eat. I guess its an individual thing. I like having a constant steady flow of food all day. There are no energy lows and for someone like myself who is prone to snacking it works out best for me and I alway find it easier to eat enough calories this way!

Anonymous asked:

what time do you wake up? i struggl to wake up early to fit in my workouts! :(

Hey! Between 6 and 7. And some days I need to leave the house by 8. I just do them when I have the time. My weight sessions alone are taking at least an hour now so its just when they fit. If I can’t do them in the morning, I do them in the arvo or when ever I get home. And days that I am regularly out all day are cardio days (if I do it) or just abs. I do my big arm workout on Saturday mornings when my partner is home. I would do it at night if I had to. I love it and its so important to me. I make them fit X